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Northern Continental Co. - Moon Guard US

The Northern Continental Company is a merchant guild composed of traders interested in international commerce.

Endorsed by archiepiscopal charter, the Church of the Holy Light is the primary proprietor and source of subsidy for the Company. Proceeds and profits go jointly to the growth of the Diocese of Northrend and the archiepiscopal discretionary fund.

Administrated by the Bishop of Northrend, the Company is headquartered at Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord. More widely, the Company is involved in the enterprise of establishing a settlement in Northrend in which churchmen and Argent Crusaders can engage in philosophical dialogue on the Holy Light.

In addition, the company maintains a small, armed force led by the Marshal and an Admiral to protect the merchant fleet and to reclaim Northrend from pirates, raiders, and undead.

If you are interested in joining our Company please read our contract, if you agree with it sign it and we'll get everything set up.